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Chuck Epperson  - 8th Degree Associate Master Of The Arts in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo under GM Richard Huk Planas : http://www.parkerplanaslineage.com/

Chuck Epperson  – 3rd Grade CDP Black belt in Eskrima, Eskrido and Pangamot in Grandmaster Cacoy Canete’s Doces Pares Federation, under GM  Anthony Kleeman: http://www.houseofchampions.com/bio-kleeman.html

Chuck Epperson is no doubt athletic. He started boxing at age 4. He competed on the football, baseball, basketball and track teams through elementary, Jr. high and high school.

Kenpo history.

Chuck began his martial arts training in Ed Parkers American Kenpo in the late 1970′s under the Parker-Planas lineage in Chico, CA. He remains an active student of Grandmaster Richard “HUK” Planas. Chuck has been teaching martial arts since 1979, and opened his own dojo in 1984. He still teaches 10 or more classes a day, 6 days a week. Chuck has also been very successful in sport karate competition, winning championships and grand championships in Kata, Weapons, Self Defense and fighting divisions. In June 2007 Chuck was inducted into the prestigious U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall Of Fame in Los Angeles, CA. as senior professor of the year in American Kenpo Karate. He holds this honor as a major highlight of his Kenpo martial arts career.


Doces Pares history.

         Chuck with GM Anthony Kleemananthony & chuck

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Chuck & GM Cacoy Canete                      Chuck, GM Cacoy & Bruce     

Chuck has an extensive background in Filipino Martial Arts. He holds a black belt in Eskrima, Eskrido and Pangamot in Grandmaster Cacoy Canete’s Doces Pares Federation. Chuck’s Filipino martial arts instructor is master Anthony Kleeman.

This is a letter from Anthony to Chuck:

“I’ve been lucky over the years, traveling to train and compete all over, meeting with some of the big names in the world of Martial arts. I can honestly say that you Sensei Chuck  stand shoulder to shoulder with those names, displaying all of the same qualities..integrity, honesty & commitment.. Chuck, you are a gentleman, a scholar, a musician, and a great teacher. It’s a pleasure knowing you.”

Yours, in the Arts,

Guro Anthony Kleeman

Anthony is a five time heavyweight world stick fighting champion under GM Cacoy Canete.

Read what Supreme Grand Master Cacoy Canete had to say about GM Anthony Kleeman in the my FMA.net digest in 2012:

“Anthony’s Eskrima training began in earnest in 1985 under Grandmaster Marty Gardiner whom I personally trained in Cebu City. But I’m proud to say that I have personally trained Anthony from that starting point until now. Grandmaster Kleeman’s years of hard work, diligence and passion in learning Eskrima have really paid off. Today he is one of the most respected and formidable Eskrimadors in the world. Every martial artist will agree with me that GM Kleeman has already attained the highest-levels of proficiency in the practice of the arts of Eskrima, Eskrido and Pangamot.

As for being branded by many in the U.S. as my favorite sparring partner- GM Kleeman’s imposing 6’4” height and superb Eskrima skills that earned him the sobriquet “the Giant version of SGM Cacoy” makes him an excellent match for me because that gives me a great opportunity to demonstrate dramatically the effectiveness of the Cacoy Doce Pares system. As an instructor, GM Kleeman who is a 10th Grade CDP Black Belt, has an impressive, likable and clear teaching style. His seminars demonstrate a total grasp of the Cacoy Doce Pares syllabus. He employs the same training methodologies that I, myself, use to conduct hands-on-training. With his clear teaching style and methods, he is well-understood by students even when he presents the most complex and difficult moves. Like others who have been training with me for many years, GM Kleeman’s relationship with my family now borders on his being a member of the Canete clan. I know he feels at home with us in every way and we Canetes feel the same about him. The young generation of Canete Eskrimadors looks up to him, not only as a loyal follower and a proficient Eskrimador, but also as a Big Brother who treats them all kindly and affectionately.”Cacoy-July10-0011

GM Cacoy Canete Seminar  Chico CA  Epperson Bros. Kenpo Karate Dojo

Seminar Instruction history.

Chuck has been teaching camps and seminars in his unique blend of boxing, Kick boxing, Filipino arts, submissions and kenpo for several years.


Master Frank Trejo and Chuck demostrating “sticky hands” during Halsey’s Kenpo Camp Seminar

Frank Trejo website: http://franktrejokarate.com/


Chuck is available for Instructional Camps and Seminars & has several booked annually. He is a busy guy so book your seminar with him several months to a year in advance. His infectious and dynamic teaching style of blending Kenpo & Doce Pares is not only a remarkable treasure but unrivaled.

Contact @ 530-895-8257 for scheduling