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 Parent testimonials

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♥ “Our son, Ian, has been taking lessons from Sensei Chuck Epperson since the age of 4. He is now almost 14. Our other son also took lessons since that age until he decided to dedicate full time to baseball. Chuck Epperson has made an indelible and profound impact on both of our sons’ lives.

Sensei Chuck is the real deal, and we have never met anyone like him. His dedication to his craft, and to his students is unparalleled. He is intensely determined to create the most prepared and self reliant martial arts student possible. Our sons have been able to defend themselves against bullies, without causing harm or ill feelings in the process.

Their knowledge of martial arts, and the concept of deflecting negative energy rather than causing it, has earned our son tremendous respect amongst their peers. We credit Sensei Chuck for this wonderful character building trait in both of our sons.

At Epperson Brothers, integrity reigns supreme. Sensei Chuck does not award belts without the student first proving that he or she has truly earned the right to advance a level. Many teachers do award belts much more easily and with less emphasis on student effort, because they can make more money doing so. Money has never been focal point at Epperson Brothers. Chuck truly cares about his students, and about preparing them properly in mastering the amazing skill of martial arts.

You will not find a person like Sensei Chuck. He is old school, and he is a wonderful, caring, honest person, whom we have tremendous respect for. We are very grateful to have him as such a strong male role model in our boys lives, as this is very hard to come by these days. He is strong yet humble. He is truthful, and you always know where you stand with him. He always seems to have the same positive demeanor and if he’s ever in a bad mood, you wouldn’t know it.

This is a wordy commentary, but when you meet Sensei Chuck, you will see why we sing his praises. I wish there were more people in the world like him. His wife, Nanette, is also a gem. I know that our boys will be fine adults, and better men, for having had Sensei Chuck Epperson in their lives, and we are beyond grateful for that.”

Kristi McNanie

♥ “Both of my girls have trained with Chuck and Nannette. When you enter there you become part of a kenpo family. After my Mom died suddenly, I took kickboxing with Chuck. He is an amazing teacher with an amazing amount of patience. It is amazing the emotional challanges you can work through on that mat. My family and I are truly in debt to the Eppersons.”

Jolene Burgess

♥ “The best place in the world to train ….hands down…..the way the sensei teaches an pays attention to each student is unbelievable. ….the skill he teaches will definitely come in handy in real life situations. …highly recommended Eppersons bros kenpo karate ….”

Gloria O.

♦ ”If you want a martial arts school that is NOT run by ego, this is the place.  It is like one big family.  Not just the students, but the whole family is involved and shares in the experience.  I’m starting my 20th year there soon, and I absolutely love it.

When I moved up to Chico, I went around to all the schools and talked to the instructors, and watched the classes.  I was completely impressed with the “You can’t do this wrong” attitude at Eppersons.  It’s ok to make mistakes and learn from them!

It is by far, the best place to train.”

John F.

♦ “After training with Sensei Chuck Epperson for over 10 years and also with some of the most notable Kenpoist in the world, Epperson Bros Kenpo Karate dojo is second to none. It is realistic, real-life training that will get you through any encounter and through life.”

Jason S.

♦ “I just moved to Chico 3 months ago so i can  continue training and pushing harder to learn more from Sensei Chuck Epperson. I have been commuting 100 miles to train with him 1 to 2 times a month for almost 15 years! Chuck has been more than a Karate instructor, he has been a counselor, a father figure, and a friend.  He has taught me that martial arts are about more than punching and kicking, it is a skill that is ever present in all aspects of life! He offers classes to a variety of ages and levels of instruction. (including a flipino weapons class on saturdays)

Go by and check him out if you are interested in traning and looking to increase self defense, confidence, love and respect for yourself or your children through martial arts.”

James G.

♦ “Epperson Bros kenpo is Chico’s premiere destination for folks who want to become confident with any level of defensive skills . I’ve know sensei Chuck epperson for close to 20 years can’t praise his skill enough! Seems his foundation for instruction is based on kindness and patience for the young or beginning and identifying levels of competency with more experienced students all the way up. He really is committed to optimizing your abilities under his instruction, …he has a gift ; to impart his years of experience , in a way that will help you achieve success !”

Terry P.

♦ “Sensei chuck is a true master and a great teacher… Really knows his stuff… Very patient with kids… Family friendly… Takes no shortcuts!”

Josh I.